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4 Week Bible Plan for New Believers

Week 1: Getting Started

  • Day 1: Begin with the Gospel of John. Read chapters 1-3.

  • Day 2: Continue reading John, chapters 4-6.

  • Day 3: Read John, chapters 7-9.

  • Day 4: Dive into John, chapters 10-12.

  • Day 5: Complete the Gospel of John with chapters 13-15.

  • Day 6: Reflect on John, chapters 16-18.

  • Day 7: Conclude your week with John, chapters 19-21.

Week 2: Exploring the Foundations

  • Day 1: Start with Genesis, chapters 1-3, to understand the creation story and the fall of humanity.

  • Day 2: Read Genesis, chapters 12-15, to learn about God's covenant with Abraham.

  • Day 3: Continue with Exodus, chapters 1-4, exploring the story of Moses and the burning bush.

  • Day 4: Read Exodus, chapters 19-20, to discover the giving of the Ten Commandments.

  • Day 5: Dive into Psalms 23, 27, and 51, experiencing the beauty of David's Psalms.

  • Day 6: Explore Isaiah 53, understanding the prophecy of the suffering servant.

  • Day 7: Conclude the week with Matthew 5-7, delving into the Sermon on the Mount.

Week 3: Journeying Through the New Testament

  • Day 1: Start with Acts, chapters 1-3, to learn about the birth of the early church.

  • Day 2: Read Acts, chapters 8-10, exploring the conversion of Saul and the ministry of Peter.

  • Day 3: Continue with Romans, chapters 1-3, understanding the concept of salvation through faith.

  • Day 4: Read Romans, chapters 5-8, delving into the transformative power of grace.

  • Day 5: Dive into 1 Corinthians 13, experiencing the profound message of love.

  • Day 6: Explore Ephesians 2, understanding the concept of salvation by grace through faith.

  • Day 7: Conclude the week with Philippians 4, discovering the secret of contentment in all circumstances.

Week 4: Growing in Faith

  • Day 1: Start with 1 John 1-3, exploring the theme of love and obedience.

  • Day 2: Read James 1-3, understanding the importance of faith and works.

  • Day 3: Continue with 1 Peter 1-3, exploring the concept of living as strangers and aliens in the world.

  • Day 4: Dive into Hebrews 11, discovering the hall of faith and examples of great faith.

  • Day 5: Explore Revelation 21-22, experiencing the promise of a new heaven and a new earth.

  • Day 6: Reflect on Romans 12, understanding the concept of living as living sacrifices.

  • Day 7: Conclude your reading plan with a time of prayer, thanking God for His Word and asking for guidance and wisdom in your journey of faith.

This reading plan provides a balanced approach to exploring key passages and themes throughout the Bible, offering a foundation for spiritual growth and understanding for a new believer.

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